Electronic Assembly

Electronic Product Assembly & Design Services

If you’re looking for qualified and experienced electronics assembly specialists in Melbourne with the skill, experience and know-how to put together everything from one-off prototypes to low volume orders and more, get in touch with Computrol Systems International. Our electronics assembly team can help reduce turnaround times on your prototype design and get the job done on time and on budget. Contact us today to arrange a quote for our services.

Why Choose Computrol Systems International for your Electronics Assembly Needs?

Time is money in the manufacturing industry, so you want total assurance that your product will be designed and made to the highest standards. When it comes to manufacturing and electronics assembly, many clients choose CSI because we save them time and money. We also offer these services and benefits in order to deliver a wholly positive experience:

  • In house pick and place capabilities
  • In house soldering bath and oven
  • High voltage and current testing
  • End product calibration
  • Electronic Engineering services
  • Imbedded product design and software engineering services
  • More than 20 years of industry experience

CSI has its roots in electronic design and manufacturing of industrial monitoring equipment. Our services in this sector include high volume PCB manufacturing and assembly, outer enclosure design and manufacture, and 100% calibration and testing of end product.