Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping Services in Melbourne

Computrol Systems specialises in metal stamping for Melbourne clients across a widespread range of industries, including automotive, medical, manufacturing and more. This is an essential service for manufacturers needing metallic components that boast the characteristics of high durability, cost-effectiveness and a fast turnaround time.

What is Metal Stamping?

Also known as metal pressing, metal stamping involves the reshaping of a piece of flat sheet metal with the use of a metal stamping machine. It can involve a variety of forming techniques including bending, blanking, piercing and punching, among others.

There are three main types of metal stamping, all offered by Computrol Systems in Melbourne. These are:

  • Progressive die stamping − This involves the slow and steady unrolling of the metal sheet through a stamping press. This metal stamping machine features multiple stations, each serving a specific function. The metal sheet makes its way through each station where it is punched, cut or bended into shape. The end result when it comes out of the press is a fully formed part.
  • Fourslide stamping − Fourslide stamping, also known as multislide stamping, involves four tools that simultaneously fashion the metal into its required shape. This method allows for more intricate cuts to the metal and more detailed bends in order to manufacture complex parts.
  • Deep draw stamping − Deep draw stamping requires the sheet metal to literally be pulled into the metal stamping machine via a punch. This process forms it into shape and is used for the manufacture of car components, aeroplane parts, cookware and utensils, and more.

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